How Old do You Have to Be to Drive a Golf Cart? – Learn the Different Law for the Different States

I saw a young boy driving a golf cart and then I wonder “How old do you have to be to drive a golf cart?

Riding a golf cart is fun. The kids get more fun and enjoy driving a golf cart in public places. Recently, I saw a young boy driving a golf cart and then I wonder “How old do you have to be to drive a golf cart?”

Recently, I have made a studied this topic and get the answer to my question. It’s time to let you understand the rules, regulations, and age limitations of driving a golf cart. So keep reading.

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Different states have different laws. But most of the states have a minimum age limit of 14 years to driving a golf cart. Some states allow to drive it from 13.

Kids below 14 are getting annoying? Worry not kid, I am going to provide you some good news soon.

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Age Requirements for drive a golf cart of Different States

I have noted the age requirement data for the most common states. Let’s have a look.

  • In Florida, the age requirement is minimum14-15 years.
  • Are you from Texas? No good news for you. You must have to get a driving license to operate a golf cart on the public road.
  • In California the age limitations are lower than the other states. It’s just 13.
  • The age limitations of South Carolina is the same as California – only 13.

Different Laws for Driving on Private Property

Different Laws for Driving on Private Property

I mentioned good news for the kids. Here we go.

There is no age requirement for driving carts on private land.

Yes, rules for driving cart in the private area is much different from public areas. Most of the states do not restrict anyone driving on private property. In their eyes, all the responsibility and driving safety behavior is on the landowner. So, you neither need a license nor being 14 years old.

As the federal officers don’t control private areas, most parents take the advantage of this exemption. They let their kid have fun on their land teach them how to drive a golf cart.

However it is public property or not, you can’t take a golf cart on a golf court. A golf court is considered a public place even after situating in a private area. So, your kids can drive it to any golf court.

Now you know there is no rule for operating a court in a private area. But don’t be so reckless. Let your kid have safety dress up. Make sure the golf cart has a strong seat belt and a good braking system.

Others Laws for Driving Golf Cart in the Public Areas

Since a golf cart is a lightweight vehicle and runs at a slow speed people don’t take proper consideration while driving it on the public road. But there are also some laws for driving a golf cart. Let’s learn in detail

  1. According to vehicle code section 21663, a golf cart is considered a small motorized vehicle like scooters and motorcycles. So, you have to maintain all the traffic signs.
  1. They have to follow the maximum speed limit. You can run a golf cart over 25-30 mph. The speed limit varies from state to state. In some states, you can drive up to 35 mph.

  2. If your state requires a driving license then you must have to carry your license with you. If you live in Texas then you have to show your driving license.


Can you drive a Golf Cart on the Road?

Yes, you can drive it on the road. But you need to be at least 14 years old and follow the traffic rules.

If my golf cart has headlights can I ride at night?

The depends on the state you live in. Some states allow you to drive at night. Some states like South Carolina only permit to drive a golf cart during daylight hours.

Can I modify my golf cart to make it go faster in Florida?

Adding more torque and upgrading the motor you can make your golf cart go faster. But consider the law you can’t cross the maximum speed limit in the public area.

How Old Does My Child Need to Be to Drive a Golf Cart?

I have already described this part in the article. In most of the state, it is 14.

Is a Golf Cart a Motor Vehicle?

It is a small motorized vehicle according to vehicle code section 21663

What Are the Golf Cart Laws in South Carolina?

  • Minimum age limit is 13.
  • No driving license requires.
  • Maximum speed on the highway – 35 mph.
  • Drive it only during the daylight hours.

I have covered all the topics related to golf cart driving age limitations. Still, there is some lack of laws. You can help your kid riding it in your private area. But, the first thing required is your consciousness. Always try to follow the rules and regulations of your state and take safety precautions.

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