How many clubs in a golf bag

If you are a beginner in the golf game, and you do not know anything about the number of clubs, don’t worry. We are here to explain to you all information about how many clubs in a golf bag should be.

Many people who are new to golf games don’t know that how many clubs in golf bags should they carry. Well, there is nothing to worry about because we are helping to help you understand all about gold clubs. We will explain to you what the golf clubs are, and how many of them you can carry in your bag. In regular games and tournaments, a different number of golf clubs could be brought in a bag by the player. The rules of golf are very strict about this number, so the players have to follow it.

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If you also wonder about how many clubs in a golf bag should be present, then no need to worry about it anymore. This article will allow you to learn about the number of clubs that people could carry in their bags. However, before going into those details, let us learn what is a club bag and why we need it in the golf game.

What is a golf club bag?

The golf club bags are the ‘Sunday bag’, or the ‘Carry bag’. Because they are very convenient t carry, therefore, they are commonly used in the golf course. They are made with very light fabric, and their total weight is just two to four pounds. These bags do not have any supportive structure inside, and there is no stand for them. Overall, these are the simplest bags that could carry only the clubs for the golf game.

General Rule of Golf

Every player is allowed to bring no more than fourteen clubs when the single game round is the target. It is the rule of this game. They can use and bring less than 14 gold clubs in the bag and play with them. But the choice of more the fourteen is no possible in any case when the round is only one.

The 14 Golf Clubs Bag

Do you wonder what are the 14 clubs in the golf bag that a player could carry? Well, here is the list of all of them in the section below:
● Three kinds of wood
● Eight irons
● Putter
Within the three kinds of wood, there is 3-wood and 5-wood set. Also, there are 9 iron and pitching wedges within the eight irons set.

The last two golf clubs to complete the set is upon the choice of the players. Different players prefer different clubs. There is an option for the player that the hybrid driver could be made use of for the fairway. Also, the addition of a lob wedge and the sand wedge is possible in place of these two golf clubs.

You can compile this test for a beginner as well as a professional game. Overall, the general selection of regular players in this set of 14 golf clubs for the game.


Condition for Additional Club Use

At the start of the game, when you are just a beginner, you will be allowed to use less than 14 clubs. The number might exceed this limit in certain situations. These conditions could be following:

1. The use of additional clubs in golf won’t bring delay in the game.
2. You are not lending the golf clubs from the player playing in the game at that time.

When you decide to take 14 clubs for a golf game in your bag, you can pick two of them as the normal allotment into the bag. These two could be for use on the fairway or maybe for the short game of the player. These could be hybrids or drivers.

Other than this, you can also pick the wedges. These are essentially the lob wedges and the sand wedges. The former is for giving an extra lift during the game, while alter is for tough bunker shots. Such a wise selection of the clubs in the whole package would allow you to have all types of options during the game. It would be very easy to cover every situation that you might face in the game.

Is there any minimum limit for golf clubs’ number?

No, there is no such minimum number of golf club’s limitations. There is only a limit for the maximum number that you could essentially carry with yourself in the game. For instance, you would want to take the only putter for the game. Well, it is possible that you just carry it and play your game. However, the use of an extra putter is not possible if it is additional to the 14 clubs set that you have.

Why there is a limited number of golf clubs use?

The limit in the number of golf clubs that the players could bring is to ensure that the creativity remains alive. The game course maneuvers should be a place for them to regulate their actions and
put their best possible creative potential. Other than this factor, there are many more that include
the following:
● Fourteen golf clubs are already very heavy, so to make the bag easy to carry for players this
limitation is put into place.
● Also, the clubs are expensive, and not every player can afford them. Thus, to keep the cost
low and make it inexpensive, this limitation is present in the general rules of the golf game.
● The use of a limited number of golf clubs will allow the players to use them creatively. They
would know that they have a limited number of them, thus they will put all their effort into
it. From the factors given above, it looks very wise that the rules of golf regarding several clubs are
perfect. The standard of the game is high just because of such types of limitations that allow the players to use their creative strength.
Every player should follow them to enhance their game. Even if you are a beginner, you should try to
minimizer their number in your game. It will creatively train your mind. Your thinking process will be
similar to professionals once you will start the game in high-level tournaments or rounds.

What happens if you use golf clubs more than fourteen (14)?

You must be wondering that why it is a strict rule to use only 14 clubs in the golf game. Why can we use more than this number? What can happen if we exceed this number?

If we look at the professionals, we would observe that they always have a limit when it comes to clubs in golf. They like to set the number before they step into the actual game. It is very important to do this because there is a heavy penalty if someone does otherwise. Therefore, they make sure that they count the number of clubs so that the chances of them exceeding the number is negligible.

Penalty for Exceeding Fourteen (14) Clubs

The penalty that the player has to pay for using more than 14 clubs depends on the type of golf game. In general, there is a deduction in the hole in your game when you exceed the number. The deduction of the score for each hole will be done under such a situation. At a minimum, two deductions are possible but it could be more depending on the type of golf game you are playing. For instance, you are playing a stroke golf game. The deduction will be about the strokes that you successfully make during the play. Two strokes will be deducted for each hole as you violate the limits of the game. Up to four-stroke deduction is possible, so you have to be very careful about it before starting the game.


  • You have to keep in mind that the actual penalty for violating the law is to get disqualification from the game. However, the present penalty structure that we are discussing is the one that is taken into practice after 1968. The amendments to penalty rules have been made after this year and now everyone is following it.

Procedure for Taking Clubs Out of Play

Now you know exactly that how many clubs in a golf bag should be present when you go for the game. You should also learn the procedure for taking clubs out of play. Overall, this procedure is very simple, easy, and straightforward.
For instance, you can sense the violation of rules in the game, you can immediately take out the clubs. This will indicate that what are the cubs that you have taken out for the golf game. You can do this in two possible ways. The one is to let the other players of your team understand the violation. Other than this, you can simply turn the golf club in the downward direction in your club’s bag. This is how a straightforward procedure for taking clubs out of play is made for the golf players.

What is the regulation about the use of golf clubs of partner players?

Well, the answer to this question is a simple NO. Generally, the rules of golf do not allow the use of another player’s club. For instance, you are trying to use the club of fellow players for stroking during the game and to get the score. Well, this is not allowed and no possible in the game. Only if you try to do this before or after the game, such sharing is possible. You may try out as the course ends or maybe before it even starts to exchange the clubs. Moreover, it is not even possible to carry the clubs in the same bag. This means that if you try to take your clubs and the friend’s clubs in the same bag, is not allowed under the rules of the game. It is made for a surety that both players know which club belongs to what player. They should not mix up and ruin their game at the end. In the same way, it is also not possible that you try to take your full set of clubs in your bag, and give extra to some other player. No one could carry extra golf clubs for you ever. They may carry your clubs, but they should not exceed 14 sets of golf clubs in total. So, just keep this in your mind before you enter the game course. Any violation of these rules could cost you a direct exit from the game. This is not worth it, so try to follow the rules as strictly as possible.

Addition of golf Clubs During Round

Do you also wonder that is it possible to add the clubs to the golf game during the round? Well, it is possible and you are allowed to do it. But there is a strict condition in this case too. You have to keep the maximum number at 14 and never exceed this limit.
For instance, you bought less than 1 golf clubs for the game course. You feel the need for more, so you can add more to the bag to reach as high as 14 numbers. Overall, the number should be limited according to the rules of the game. As long as you are following this rule and all other rules of the game, you can go ahead with this change during the rounds.

Importance of Golf Club Type

There is a great importance of having a certain type of golf club that you carry in the bag for the game. You cannot ignore the rules of the game course and add any club to the game. So, always try to consult the game head or other experts for this purpose.
Other than this, there is no set rule for the overall make-up of the clubs you select to play with. This means that if you would like to carry 5 putters, 4 lob wedges, and 4drivers, you can do this. No one will point you out for having this or a similar type o combination for your game.

What golf clubs do you need to buy for the game?

The rule of a set number of clubs mainly came into existence in 1938. This need for such a rule was felt because some of the players of golf started to bring more than 20 clubs into the game. According to them, the additional number of clubs were able to help them score more than the counter team. However, the USGA’s main objective was to make the game creative and competent for the players.

Therefore, they came up with the solution of restricting the number of clubs for the game. Let us here learn that what number and type of clubs are suitable for you to use. You might be a junior or beginner player, so your needs would be a lot different. Also, you could be a professional or an expert on the game, so we will guide you according to your needs and requirements. The regulations are general and simple to follow, therefore, we are sure that you will be able to get the advantage from the information and knowledge given in the sections below.

For Juniors/Beginners

The set of clubs that the juniors or beginners like to use might not contain all the 14 clubs. It is especially true for those who are under the age of 10 years. For instance, they usually carry 2 kinds of wood, 2 irons, 2 wedges, and a putter in the whole set of clubs. This practice has two main advantages for them. One is that the club’s bag would be not very heavy for them to carry. Also, when the time comes for changing it, it would be very easy to do it. The cost of changing the set would not be too much for their level of players.

For Experts/Professionals

The experts and professional players of golf can use clubs that are of medium quality. This can help them score during the game because they have expertise in the field. It would be also easier for you to hit with 4 to 5 irons rather than the same number of woods. So, if you are professional, then you can afford to carry at least 4 irons along with drivers, and wedges. In recent times, many pros of the golf game have started a new thing. They like to carry the hybrids instead of the long iron clubs. Well, a hybrid is essentially the combination of wood and iron to make the club. The reason why they like to use it because the presence of wood allows them to have better control. The distance that the ball will cover with its addition would be significant. Also, the addition of iron will help in hitting the club easily than ever before. This is the reason why they like to use this type of club. Although it is new, its boom is already enough to attract more and more players.


From the information above, we are sure that you understand how many clubs in a golf bag should you carry. The rules are simple but very strict for professional players. They are a source of creativity in the game and help the players compete potentially with each other.
Therefore, if you are a beginner, you should understand the importance of carrying only the allowed number of clubs for the game. Make sure that you communicate with the coach or game experts about it if you have any confusion. There is no chance to make mistakes in the department of the golf game.

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