Elevate Tour Vs Elevate mph 95 shaft – Side-by-Side Comparison

What is the difference between Elevate Tour and Elevate mph 95 shafts? Is one better than the other? Let us compare the two to see which is better for golfers who want to play a little easier.

You have been playing golf for years. You want to play a little easier but do not want to sacrifice your swing. So what do you do?

Well, Elevate Tour and Elevate mph 95 shaft are two golf clubs that allow you to play a little easier on the course.

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The difference between the two and Elevent mph 95

Benefits of 7 Wood Club

Elevate Tour

Elevate 95

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Elevate Tour vs Elevate 95: Which one is better?

The main difference between these two clubs is the weight distribution. The mph 95 shaft has a lower center of gravity which makes it more forgiving for players who have trouble hitting long shots and for those who need to hit high draws or low fades, which require a lot of energy to execute correctly.

The other difference between these two clubs is the clubhead shape, which also affects how they are used. The tour has a larger clubhead which makes it easier to hit high draws and low fades, but the mph 95 shaft has better clubhead speed on off-center hits due to its smaller head size.


The Elevate tour offers regular, stiff, and extra stiff options.

The Elevate 95 offers two different variations for the regular and Steph, so the tour allows for one more variation for the flex.

If you want to play golf more aggressively, try a slightly heavier shaft for increased flexibility.

The shaft in this club is stiffer than usual, so it’s a little harder to get the same amount of power and control as a normal club.

If you’re someone with a high swing speed, then this might be something to consider.[Fractionated irradiation of cancer of the esophagus:

Tour, the only steel string with the extra stuff option is ideal for players with quick swing speeds.


The dissimilarity between the 2 woods is the shaft, which is 14g longer in the Stokke A and 29g longer in the Stokke

For many people, the heavier the golf shaft the less swing speed they can generate, thus getting less distance.

With the Elevate 95, you’ll likely get a bit more distance than the Elevate Tour.

But it’s important to note that a heavier shaft is best for accuracy.

Because the club head is heavier, it is a lot harder to deviate from the swing path, thus maintaining accuracy.

It is much more difficult to control the distance of a golf club with a heavier weight than a lighter weight.


The Elevate Tour has a mid high launch angle, while the Elevate 95 has a high launch angle.

A mid-high launch angle will give you more distance than a high launch angle, but less height.

If you’re a baseball player who wants to increase your launch angle and increase your distance on the ball, you’ll want to buy

You can use a variety of different techniques depending on what your needs are, whether it is a long ball or not.

The Elevate Tour vs Elevate mph 95 shaft: The Good

The Elevate Tour shaft is a graphite-infused steel shaft, which is designed for golfers who want a stiffer feel and more power. This shaft has been redesigned with a new crown shape and an improved hosel design.

The Pros of the Elevate Tour:

The Elevate 95 shaft is designed for golfers with an average to low swing speed. It features a soft flex and heavier weight.

The Pros of the Elevate 95:

The Elevate 95 shaft is a great option for golfers who are looking for a softer feel and more control. The shaft is designed for golfers who want a softer feel and more control. This shaft is made of a lightweight carbon fiber material.


In conclusion, Elevate Tour and Elevate mph 95 shafts are both made of carbon steel and both have a head weight of 7 grams. The only difference is that the Elevate mph 95 shaft is made with a more flexible graphite shaft material. It has a softer feel and it’s less stiff.

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