Are golf carts electric? The advantage of Electric Golf Cart in 2021

If you ask me, “Are golf carts electric?” my answer is, “Yeah” golf carts are electric. In this article, I will describe in details down.
Lets start talking on the question: Are golf carts electric ?

Golf cart are actually in both form electric and gas. But the best one as I suggest is the electric golf cart. Here I am going to tell some of my point view for golf cart:

1.What is the main power source for a golf cart?

There are usually two types of golf cart we found. One is electric power and the other one is gasoline power.
Gasoline powered golf cart usually have 4 stocks combustion engines which provides 15hp-25hp. Cart need low power for run, so cart manufacturing company install this type of engine. Electric power golf cart have 3.5hp-7hp ac\dc motor and 36v-48v batteries in it.

2. How do golf carts work?

Gasoline powered golf cart runs with its engine. Generally the engine runs through regular gas or octane. Its four or two stock engine runs through it.
Electric powered golf cart have 3-4 batteries on it. Each batteries have 12volt.The batteries are rechargeable. Regularly it need charge to keep going on. It charged through charger or sometimes solar panel for it.

3. Cost for a golf carts.

Electric golf carts bought from Chinese manufactures are the cheapest golf carts on the market.

If you ask about golf cart price, the answer is, there are three type of price range for a golf cart.

• Used golf cart
• New golf cart
• Customize golf cart

Used golf cart
If your budget is low, then you should choose a used cart. Normally among 2000$-3000$, you will find a well condition golf cart.

New golf cart
If budget is no problem, then you should choose new one. It lasts long and you have no need to maintain it as wsll.

Customize golf cart
If you are peaceful and a fancy person, then you may be need a customize one. It helps you to be faster and get more relax, looking cool and gorgeous.

4. Strength and durability of a golf cart

Golf cart is a very light vehicle. Its strength is also light. But durability depends on your use and maintenance. A top speed of a cart has 15mph-30mph.

Golf cart bears 2-4 person at once in. 

5. Noise level of a golf cart

Gasoline golf carts make a little noise. Although the new model carts make less noise, but the carts that run on gasoline oil, still make some noise. Generally, professional players dislike gas powered carts for this reason. Excessive noise distracts you from playing on course. If the word is not distracting, you can use it, but I recommend not to using it.

Electric cart accelerate slowly but quietly. It makes very cheap noise on the course. It also does not leave a negative impression on the environment.

This is also why are golf carts electric. Making the journey more comfortable with no nice almost.

6. which type of cart you should choose?

Well, there are different choice for different person. Gasoline cart have more power but Electric cart is more decent. If you are a professional golfer, then you should choice electrical cart. But If you are seasonal player, then you can choose anyone among them.


Different people have different choice. If budget is not any matter, then you should take the electrical one. Else, Gasoline Golf Cart is not bad at all, you can also take it for your journey.

So the last word again for the question ” Are golf carts electric? ” the answer you already knew from the post that yes Golf Carts are Electric as well as Gasoline.

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