About Me


I welcome you to Charles C. Elliott and Playgolf24.com I’m not a professional golfer but I’m a huge golf fan and this has been one of my top hobbies for several years. I used to play quite a bit when I was in school but a few years ago I really started it again. This site was created to share my used tips and tricks I can break 90 out of 100 shots and break 80 soon.

This site is for checking out the latest golf equipment, sharing my honest thoughts as an golfer, and looking for the cheapest place to get them. I plan to talk about how I have been able to improve my game over the past few years. I’ve had a lot of trouble learning from the “good” out there and learned a lot of luck from people who are a little better than me.

I covered everything from drivers, irons, putters, wood, programs, rangefinders / GPS, bags, cars, and training assistants.

I constantly check out various clubs and training programs to see what helps and works best for myself and others I know. I will then review and share my thoughts to help others improve the game. If you’re looking for a review for a specific golf product and can’t find it on our site, please comment.